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When the Leaves Start to Fall, Give Gutter Pro a Call

We can provide you with outstanding gutter cleaning services to help you make your gutters more functional.

Our Technicians Are Qualified to Provide the Best Gutter Cleaning Service in Canton, MS and the Tri-County Area!

Commitment to Customers

Our friendly and reliable customer service team will ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your experience.


We’re straightforward about what you pay, so you can budget your costs and keep more money in your pocket.


Our team has more than 20 years of expertise in gutter cleaning, repair, and installation, making them more than qualified for the job.


We provide comprehensive gutter cleaning services that removes every leaf, branch, rock, and other debris from your gutters.

Sidestep the Gutter Cleaning Chore

Gutter Cleaning Done Right

We’re an experienced, licensed and insured gutter cleaning company in Canton, MS and the Tri-County area, with over 20 years of experience. We specialize in all types of gutter cleaning from residential to commercial properties. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best service possible, whether that means coming out for a quick gutter cleaning or providing ongoing maintenance programs for both commercial and residential property owners.

We provide the following gutter services:

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Our Trusted Gutter Techs Are Second to None

Gutters are designed to catch falling rainwater, but they can get clogged with debris over time. That debris can then lead to water pooling in your gutters, which can cause mold and mildew growth on your roofing material. That’s why we offer gutter cleaning services in Canton, MS and the Tri-County area. We will come out and thoroughly clean out all of your gutters so there isn’t any debris or buildup left behind. Our skilled team will make sure that every inch of your gutters are cleared out so they’re ready to catch water again.

Our Full Range of Services

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Gutter Cleaning

We'll clean your gutters, downspouts, and fascia boards to make sure they're functioning properly so you can worry less.

contractor hands close up repairing plastic gutter canton ms
Gutter Repair

A gutter repair is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your gutters in good condition and preventing major repairs in the future.

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Gutter Guards

Gutter guards will keep leaves and other debris from clogging up your gutters; therefore, prolonging their life.

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Roof Debris Removal

We provide this service to help keep your home safe and free from hazards that may be present on your roof.

Areas We Serve

Make life easier with a simple phone call. Dial (601) 624-3831 and our cleaners will come to you!

  • Brandon, MS

  • Rankin County, MS

  • Hinds County, MS

  • Madison County, MS

  • Canton, MS

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Your Local Gutter Cleaning Experts

We clean rain gutters and downspouts along with removing debris from your roof.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Phil W.


They do good work



Vanessa G.


They did a nice job



Kelli S.


Great Customer Service , Friendly, professional I would recommend this company to any one looking to have their gutters clean.



Emma D.


Very timely and professional

Home Advisor


Charlie C.


Excellent quick work very friendly and helpful.



April R.


Quick, professional, and did what was asked of him.



Ann T.


Very prompt and easy to work with. Got the clean out and repair done quickly.



Emma D.


Very timely, personable and professional



Harold L.


Professional and customer oriented



Ed O.


Glenn clean-cut, cleans and repairs my gutters 3 times a year due to tremendous fall/winter leaf debris and spring oak trees pollen strings. He's been doing so for about 15 years. He's easy to reach, prompt and professional and always leaves the property around the house cleaner than before he arrived. Have recommended him to all of my near neighbors and they use him.



Maary S.


Glenn Street and his assistant are the best. Very courteous and professional. Plus, work is great and you can't beat the price. We have used this company twice a year for many years.



Carol P.


I had contacted Glen about 3 weeks prior to the work to be done. He was finishing up on a job and would contact me. He called and he came to look over the work and gave me an estimate. I thought it was high but after other quotes found it was consistent with others prices. I have used Glen before with positive results. He came with a helper and thought it would only take 4 hours. It ended up taking almost 6. Charges were the same at the end. Good clean up and good work. The only thing I saw that the downspouts should have been cleaned as well. I assumed that would be done but wasn’t.